45 Caliber Flintlock Pistol

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I thought these two slightly oddball guns deserved their moment in the gunfight spotlight and I was interested what their owners had to say about them. And, you don’t see too many .45-70s with red.

Kentucky flintlock pistol with curly maple stock. Hand carved .45 caliber with a Queen Ann lock, solid brass ramrod pipes, brass trigger guard and brass nose cap. The pistol is 14-1/2 inches long.

According to the paper’s estimates, more than 130,000 such guns are currently owned legally in Canada. Trudeau also intends to buy back banned weapons from their owners. That will require.

[Ticktock34] shows off his skills on a WWII vintage manual lathe with a photo album of his .75 caliber miniature black powder cannon build. What starts as a 3″ diameter actuator from a front end.

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Nov 4, 2012.

Trying out a flintlock pistol I bought recently at an auction. End of video shout out is for GunntJaysReviews. Follow the link below to find his.

Dressed in conservative business suits, they admired the flintlock rifles on exhibit.

They snapped up thousands of .45 pistols at $17 and M-1 carbines at $20, about a third of what the.

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Hawken Style Stock and Hardware. Shotgun Style Stock and Hardware: Shotgun Style Stock and Hardware. Beck Boys Rifle. Flintlock or Percussion. Flintlock or Percussion: Flintlock Parts Kit (No. 189-25-F) ($581.00) Percussion Parts Kit (No.189-25-P ) ($533.00) Straight Maple Stock (0-30% Curl – $135) Curly Maple Grade II (35-65% Curl – $155.

K-45 Percussion Poor Boy K-46 Poor Boy Squirrel Rifle. HALFSTOCK RIFLES. K-38 Mich-I-Gun K-47 Tenn Halfstock. DUTCH. K-197 Dutch Musketoon K-196 Dutch Club Butt . PISTOLS. P-4 Colonial Pistol P-9 NW Trade French Tulle Pistol P-10 French Tulle Pistol P-11 French Type C or D Pistol

I got a pedersoli PA flintlock rifle in .45 caliber. What I wanted to know is how many grains of black powder to use for this rifle. The group I belong to has a chart of black powder guns allowed to be used at their place along with a powder charge chart. The chart has flintlock rifles of various calibers using about 80 grains of black powder.

What it’s really like to be a Canadian special forces soldier – 50-cal. machine gun — lays down covering fire.

police in Jamaica and annual participation in the U.S.-led Exercise Flintlock, involving special forces units from across Africa.

Muzzleloading Pistol Huntbest caliber for wild hogs – Make subsonic loads for any of your favorite hunting rifles If you’re a fan of high-quality firearms and aren’t afraid of getting them wet, muddy, or covered with snow, you’re not alone.

Traditions 1851 Navy Redi-Pak Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber 7.37.

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Beretta came to the United States in 1985 when it wrested a $56-million U.S. Armed Forces contract from competitor Colt Industries for production of the Model 92FS (M9) 9-mm pistol as.

the move.

The L&R John Bailes flintlock and the barrel are both finished to a dark brown. The checkered grip has a brass tack in the center of each panel. This pistol is used with a few small handling marks on the stock, lock, and barrel. The .45 caliber barrel is 13/16" octagon by 10" overall length.

high powered pellet rifles for hunting – Sounded like a trip to a petting zoo, with guns. Also I had some questions, mainly, What the hell is a nilgai? It’s something I probably should have known, but then again, why? In any case.